You know, I debated the name “One Great Mom” for a long time and I’d actually had the domain registered since 2010, but, obviously, just really began using it.  Why?  Well, because it sounds kind of pompous and most days I feel anything but great.  But here’s a classic example of greatness in action.

Get ready.  It’s good.

So, this morning Ultra G finished his lessons for the day and Super A was on a lesson help chat with his technology teacher.  Sweet Pea was listening to children’s songs on Pandora while she played a puzzle game.  All was well.  And then Sweet Pea started to sing.

Anyone who knows my daughter can attest to the fact that she loves to sing.  Loudly.  And while she has a cherubic 4 year old voice, she never quite realizes how loud she actually is.  Normally, singing would not be a problem, but she was sitting in the schoolroom while Super A was trying to talk with his teacher.

So, being the great mom that I am I gave her the “teacher stare” from my days in the classroom, shook my finger, and did the “Mommy grumpy face.”  It was the silent redirection trifecta.

And it failed.

So, I picked her up and relocated her to the dining room where she proceeded to have a meltdown that was at least ten times louder than the singing had been.  She ended up in time out and I returned to the kitchen to make sure Ultra G was being quiet.

When I got there, I found him working on this:

Precious isn’t it?  I was touched.  Especially because, at that very-same-exact-moment-in-time this was happening:

Oh, yeah, I took her picture.  Why?  Because Great Moms don’t pass up the opportunity to find the complete irony in the day and share it with their blog readers.

I rock.

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