I’m Setting Up a DietBet and YOU’RE Joining.

Photo by creosotepolarbear

That’s right. YOU. You’re joining in on a DietBet. It’s 4 weeks, 8lbs, and money. How’s it work? You put $20 in the pot (collected by them, not me), and if you lose 8lbs you win. The more people who play, the more money there is. What if more than 1 person loses 8lbs? The pot gets split evenly.  And, I found a special promo code on Local Fun for Kids where DietBet will add $25 – (correction – they’ll match our bet amount, so they’ll add $20 not $25.  My bad.)  to our pot at the end – just ’cause.

Why would I we want to do this? Because Target is now selling bathing suits and, sister, let me just tell you – those suckers are tiny.

8 pounds may not change much, but it may be the catalyst that changes everything.

Come on. Please? I’m going to be so depressed if I have to play alone. (<–guilt trip attempt with a healthy dose of truth)  Email me at BrandiJordan (at) about (dot) me before Friday 3/9, and I’ll send you an email invite.  We’ll start officially on 3/10/12.

It will be fun.  I promise!

(Come on…)

NOTE:  Invites will all be sent out on Saturday….I think if I send them now the game will start now.  Plus, I also have to set up the rules page (gasp!).

7 thoughts on “I’m Setting Up a DietBet and YOU’RE Joining.

  1. My DietBet ends tonight and has worked so well! I never would have lost 8+ pounds in a month if it wasn’t for this game. I am over-the-moon with my progress,and just might be buying one of those new, *smaller*, bathing suits in Target that you mentioned!

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