Dear Knee-Surgery Me.

Sooo, I had my knee surgery on the 24th of August.  Fun times, let me just tell you.  Since I am definitely going to need surgery on my left knee and will probably need more surgery (in the form of a knee replacement) on my right, I thought it best to write to my future self.  I am not a patient person and this surgery/recovery is definitely a test of the patience I do have.  The note is a pep talk to future self from an optimistic me….(note that I still walk with a limp, I still can’t drive, and it still hurts a lot, but I have faith it will heal – at least until the next surgery). Continue reading

It’s Official And Other Stuff.

Angel, T-Bone, and Kita: They were very excited I was pet-sitting.

It’s official.  The doctor confirmed that the meniscus is torn in my right knee.  He suspects the left knee too, but we’re doing one at a time.  Thanks, HMO.  Surgery is set for August 24th, so that should be a blast.  Honestly, I’m looking forward to it.  I’m relieved that it will finally be fixed.  So that I can then fix the other one.

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I’m Setting Up a DietBet and YOU’RE Joining.

Photo by creosotepolarbear

That’s right. YOU. You’re joining in on a DietBet. It’s 4 weeks, 8lbs, and money. How’s it work? You put $20 in the pot (collected by them, not me), and if you lose 8lbs you win. The more people who play, the more money there is. What if more than 1 person loses 8lbs? The pot gets split evenly.  And, I found a special promo code on Local Fun for Kids where DietBet will add $25 – (correction – they’ll match our bet amount, so they’ll add $20 not $25.  My bad.)  to our pot at the end – just ’cause.

Why would I we want to do this? Because Target is now selling bathing suits and, sister, let me just tell you – those suckers are tiny.

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Totally Terrific Kale Chips

One of the healthy eating inspirations that came our way last month was from the research of Dr. Terry Wahls, a physician who was diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and worked her way back to health by transforming her diet.  While I’m not so sure, Dr. Wahls would be so excited about how we make our kale chips, I’m certain she would applaud our effort to actually eat kale.

Kale is a leafy green vegetable much like collared greens and cabbage.  Its strong taste definitely takes some getting used to, but the fact that it’s loaded with great vitamins, minerals, and cell repairing chemicals makes it much easier to stomach.  In addition to the kale chips that we make, we also dehydrate it and use it like parsley or spices in soups.  No matter how you use it, it’s a great addition to your diet.

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