It’s Official And Other Stuff.

Angel, T-Bone, and Kita: They were very excited I was pet-sitting.

It’s official.  The doctor confirmed that the meniscus is torn in my right knee.  He suspects the left knee too, but we’re doing one at a time.  Thanks, HMO.  Surgery is set for August 24th, so that should be a blast.  Honestly, I’m looking forward to it.  I’m relieved that it will finally be fixed.  So that I can then fix the other one.

It’s been busy around here lately.  Not that that’s anything new, but it seems busier and more hectic than usual.  Super Dad’s summer vacation is over tomorrow (BOO!) and I’m not really looking forward to the transition that always comes with it.  Everyone’s always a bit on edge and out of sorts for a week or so.  It’s…bleh.

I’m determined to clean the schoolroom tomorrow though and get that in shape.  It’s looking a bit chaotic and it stresses me out to have it disorganized.  School doesn’t start until after Labor Day, but the books and supplies will be arriving soon and I want there to be a spot for everything.  I think I need to order more boxes and bins and containers.  I’m addicted.

Humiliation by farmyard sign.

Yesterday we went to our favorite local farm and got farm fresh ice cream.  It’s the best ever and it was telling that this was our first trip there all summer.  Usually, we go at least a few times if not more, but not this year.  Maybe we should go tomorrow too…

I also got a chance to spend an hour with a woman I used to be friends with growing up this weekend.  We have taken very different paths and she is not in the best state emotionally or physically.  Drugs, family tragedy, and probably a whole bunch of things I don’t even know about, have changed her from the shy, kind girl I used to drive to school with in high school.  It was sad.  It’s hard to encourage someone to take back the dreams they once had and pursue them when they have all but given up.  I tried.  Of course, I tried, but it made no difference that I know of.  In my heart I hope that maybe, just maybe, that spark will come back to her and she will be the amazing architect and designer she is so capable of being.  I want her to achieve her dream more than she wants to achieve it.


Hanging out with our former foster dog, Angel, and her two doggie siblings was another highlight of the past week.  She’s adjusted so well and is thriving in her new home.  It made me think of Will and of how she was when we first brought her home to foster her.  Will taught her how to be a great family dog.  He taught her…and Hope…and Tori.  His life was not in vain.  I miss him very much.

Ah, what a crazy few days.  What a hectic summer.  I think I need a vacation.

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