Dear Knee-Surgery Me.

Sooo, I had my knee surgery on the 24th of August.  Fun times, let me just tell you.  Since I am definitely going to need surgery on my left knee and will probably need more surgery (in the form of a knee replacement) on my right, I thought it best to write to my future self.  I am not a patient person and this surgery/recovery is definitely a test of the patience I do have.  The note is a pep talk to future self from an optimistic me….(note that I still walk with a limp, I still can’t drive, and it still hurts a lot, but I have faith it will heal – at least until the next surgery). Continue reading

It’s Official And Other Stuff.

Angel, T-Bone, and Kita: They were very excited I was pet-sitting.

It’s official.  The doctor confirmed that the meniscus is torn in my right knee.  He suspects the left knee too, but we’re doing one at a time.  Thanks, HMO.  Surgery is set for August 24th, so that should be a blast.  Honestly, I’m looking forward to it.  I’m relieved that it will finally be fixed.  So that I can then fix the other one.

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