Would You Puhlease Just Do It Already!

I searched for an angry bear photo and, not surprisingly, there are none. I’m guessing that’s because an angry bear photo would probably be the last photo you ever took – and that would leave you no time to upload it to Flickr. Much thanks to “goingslo” for posting this happy-go-lucky bear who, presumably, did not eat her since she uploaded the photo.

When the title has the word “puhlease” in it, you know you’re in for a treat.  You can’t help but read it with an exaggerated Valley Girl-esque lilt and an eye roll.  It’s impossible.

So today, after not getting much sleep again last night and inwardly grouching about my knee and dealing with an upset stomach (thank you very much Papa John’s pizza which I have not had in decades and now I know why), I was pretty much a bear.  Not the protective mama bear type, but more the “don’t get in my way or talk to me or look at me or breathe the wrong way” type.  Wish you’d been here don’t you?

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What Brings Happiness.

I have a habit of being discontent.  I have a habit of not finding the joy in everything.  Instead, I tend to see the piles of laundry, the stress of homeschooling, the to-do list a mile a long and I, well, freeze.  I stop doing, I stop seeking out happiness, and I become, well, even more discontent.  And, wow, do I become a joy to be around.

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Exhausted And Updating.

I have been going non-stop since Wednesday morning.  A 4.5 hour drive and whirlwind, back-to-back meeting filled trip to the headquarters of The-Most-Awesome-Job-EVER started Wednesday and concluded with a 4.5 hour drive home during rush hour through NYC traffic on Friday (WHAT was I thinking?!).  Saturday was swimming, ballet, birthday party, errands, kid shoe shopping, and sleepover. (My brother gets good uncle points for keeping the kids on a night when we change the clocks ahead.  Go bro!)

Sunday was sleeping in a bit, breakfast out, picking up the kids, running some errands, and then driving an hour to have lunch/dinner with my mother-in-law which resulted in not getting home until after 7pm tonight.  Kids bathed, put to bed, some work done, DietBet invites sent out (there’s still time to join us!), and now, finally, catching up here.  I’m exhausted.


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Mommy Bloggers Mean Business.

I got pitched yesterday after someone heard my interview on Blog Talk Radio.  She was asking for sponsorship to a huge blogging conference, and while I couldn’t grant that, I did start to develop a dialogue with her that will result in trading guest posts and, I’m sure, pleasant emails and shout-outs in the future.  While I read her email it struck me again how blogging is serious business.

Not this blog, obviously, but for a lot of “mommy bloggers” blogging is a strategic, well-planned, well-researched endeavor.  They’re business women, make no mistake.  Sure, they may spend the majority of the day in pajama pants jeans and a sweatshirt fashionable shirt, but if you’re looking for pushovers, these women are. not. it.

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