Would You Puhlease Just Do It Already!

I searched for an angry bear photo and, not surprisingly, there are none. I’m guessing that’s because an angry bear photo would probably be the last photo you ever took – and that would leave you no time to upload it to Flickr. Much thanks to “goingslo” for posting this happy-go-lucky bear who, presumably, did not eat her since she uploaded the photo.

When the title has the word “puhlease” in it, you know you’re in for a treat.  You can’t help but read it with an exaggerated Valley Girl-esque lilt and an eye roll.  It’s impossible.

So today, after not getting much sleep again last night and inwardly grouching about my knee and dealing with an upset stomach (thank you very much Papa John’s pizza which I have not had in decades and now I know why), I was pretty much a bear.  Not the protective mama bear type, but more the “don’t get in my way or talk to me or look at me or breathe the wrong way” type.  Wish you’d been here don’t you?

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Quirky Sense of Humor? It’s Genetic.

In the last few weeks we have had some very funny and unusual conversations with our children.  While we are all completely aware that our sense of humor is, well, quirky, it can throw others off quite a bit.  Take for instance, the conversation about the boys’ changing their names.

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Don’t Worry, Your Kid Is Not Possessed By A Demon.

Photo by ark.

I’ve been really quiet lately (as you may have noticed).  Not because I don’t have anything to write (because I do), but honestly, by the time I’m done working (on my computer nonetheless) the last thing I feel like doing is writing anything more.  And so, I get quiet.

I’ve had so many topics run through my head these last few days….the DietBet (lost a pound-yay!), Angel being adopted, how quickly my kids are growing, date night with Super Dad…..so many things.  It’s hard to pick just one.  But tonight I want to share a story.  And it’s name is…

Don’t Worry, Your Kid Is Not Possessed By A Demon 

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Were You a Booker on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday?

And now a scene from “Driving Home From Target:  A Suburban Mom Documentary”:

Ultra G:  Do you think the water’s going to be cold at swimming tomorrow?”

Me:  Not sure, honey.  It’s heated, but it is February.

Super A:  It’s March, Mom.

Me:  That’s what I meant.  It’s March.  And it’s cold.  And I just want a car with heat on the driver’s side so my hands won’t turn blue.

(Insert silence and children looking at one another.)

Ultra G:  Yeah, okay.  But do you think the water will be cold?

Me:  Probably, but you’ll be fine.

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