If Salsa Had a Love Child With Satan It Would Like This.

Bet you’re wondering what. in. the. world. this article is about, aren’t you?  Admit it.  You’re  now envisioning salsa recipes and, well, Satan.  And a love child.  Well, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.  This article is about….

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Were You a Booker on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday?

And now a scene from “Driving Home From Target:  A Suburban Mom Documentary”:

Ultra G:  Do you think the water’s going to be cold at swimming tomorrow?”

Me:  Not sure, honey.  It’s heated, but it is February.

Super A:  It’s March, Mom.

Me:  That’s what I meant.  It’s March.  And it’s cold.  And I just want a car with heat on the driver’s side so my hands won’t turn blue.

(Insert silence and children looking at one another.)

Ultra G:  Yeah, okay.  But do you think the water will be cold?

Me:  Probably, but you’ll be fine.

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That Thing Called Offensive.

Photo by Andrew Black

I get a lot of emails everyday.  A LOT.  Yesterday, I got an email from someone I’ve known for a very long time.  It was a forwarded email with a short note attached and was, in the sender’s mind, quite humorous.

Only, I didn’t find it funny in the least.  I found it really offensive.  And I bet, if the person who sent it really read what was sent and thought about it for longer than a millisecond, it never would have been forwarded.  That person should have known better and I expect more from them.

Racial jokes are not funny.  Ever. 

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