So, THAT’S What’s Wrong. Who Knew.

Yes, please! (Photo by jessicafm)

If I was going to optimize this post’s title it would probably be something like, “Torn Meniscus Treatment and Diagnosis.”  As it is, I’m going with, so, THAT’S what’s wrong.  Because really, who knew?

I went to see the Orthopedist yesterday for the first time ever since my knees started to hurt….about, oh, twenty years ago!  They’ve really been bothering me the last six months or so.  So much so that walking up and down the stairs?  That’s been tricky at times.  However, let me just say that about two years ago I was running twice a day and thought pushing through the pain was a good option even though my knees would turn black and blue on their own – and even that didn’t motivate me enough to get to the doctor.  So, what was it this time?  It was the slow creeping up of weight and the increasing lack of muscle tone.  I can’t walk or run on the treadmill, because the next day I can’t walk – like, at all.  It was time.   Continue reading

Catch-up…Like Ketchup Only Not So Much.

Oh, how the days go by.  Really, was it the beginning of MAY when I last wrote?!  Ugh!  Let’s do a quick catch-up post, shall we?

May saw the adoption of this sweet girl:


Meet Chloe, our new pup.  She’s a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Cocker Spaniel Mix – which has the unfortunate breed name of “Cockalier”.  However, Super Dad is right when he says that it could be worse and they could have called them “King Cocks”.  And that is why he isn’t allowed to name dog breeds.

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Paying It Forward.

Half of the lobby of the Chicago Hilton – a gorgeous hotel!

When I was 21, in my senior year of college, I went to Quito, Ecuador to student teach at the American School.  I had planned for months, and although I had minored in Spanish, I was exceptionally nervous about being immersed in the language.  But I had the plane tickets, the student teaching assignment, and the contact information for my host family, who, I was assured by the director of placement at my university, knew when I was arriving and would be waiting for me at the airport at 11:30pm when I arrived.

Only they weren’t there.

Because no one had told them when I was coming.

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Happiness Is…Fresh Paint.

To say that this month, my birthday month of all things, has been rough would be an understatement.  Not promising since it’s only the 18th.  HOWEVER, tonight something absolutely wonderful happened.  And, in Junie B. Jones style, that thing would be called “I just won a Painter for a Day from Nolan Painting.”  I’m very excited.  So are my walls.  I shall post pictures once the whole painting thing happens, but for now, I am dreaming of fresh paint – that I don’t have to do myself.  Bliss!