So, THAT’S What’s Wrong. Who Knew.

Yes, please! (Photo by jessicafm)

If I was going to optimize this post’s title it would probably be something like, “Torn Meniscus Treatment and Diagnosis.”  As it is, I’m going with, so, THAT’S what’s wrong.  Because really, who knew?

I went to see the Orthopedist yesterday for the first time ever since my knees started to hurt….about, oh, twenty years ago!  They’ve really been bothering me the last six months or so.  So much so that walking up and down the stairs?  That’s been tricky at times.  However, let me just say that about two years ago I was running twice a day and thought pushing through the pain was a good option even though my knees would turn black and blue on their own – and even that didn’t motivate me enough to get to the doctor.  So, what was it this time?  It was the slow creeping up of weight and the increasing lack of muscle tone.  I can’t walk or run on the treadmill, because the next day I can’t walk – like, at all.  It was time.  

In December, I had x-rays done of both knees, but they came back normal.  Of course they did, my doctor yesterday told me.  X-rays aren’t going to show torn ligaments.  Lovely.

So, he moved my leg and pushed on the front of my knee (holy carp that hurt!) and declared, “I’m going to send you for an MRI – which knee are we going to fix first?  It’s going to require surgery, because I am almost positive you have torn meniscus in both knees.”  Both knees.  Oh.  I suppose any normal person would be lamenting the fact that there was a torn meniscus in either knee, but I was rejoicing that I have two potentially torn meniscus.  Why?  Because it validates the moans and groans and ice packs and creaks and pops and crackles and clicks.  And because now it can be fixed! 

I asked about exercise, because I want to move.  He said no treadmill (what?!), no elliptical or stair climber, and no. football.  (Thank heavens!) So, what am I left with?  Swimming, aquacize, and an exercise bike.  The problem?  I have no pool and no exercise bike.

So, the questions which I am frantically tossing out is – do I join a gym with both of those amenities or do I just search for an exercise bike?  (Side Note:  I did ask SuperDad about installing a lap pool for me in the basement, but I’m fairly certain that’s not going to fly.)

There are two gyms relatively close to me that have pools and bikes and open at 5am, but they’re both about $40-45/month.  There’s also a YMCA, but it’s not open on Saturday and Sunday (say what?!) and a community center that overbooks and uses so much chlorine in their pools (which cater to children) that I always have a hard time breathing when I go in there – and the use of an exercise bike is extra.  What to do?!  Is the pool that important to my recovery and my ability to exercise and lose these pounds that have piled on since I haven’t been able to exercise?

What do you think?  Help a girl out!

4 thoughts on “So, THAT’S What’s Wrong. Who Knew.

  1. Aqua therapy is your best bet. You can pick up a bike for your house, but I know there are actually offices that offer aquatherapy here. Also one of the big gyms here has indoor pools (limited use for kids so adults don’t suffer) but they also have special exercise programs for people w/knee or hip injuries. It’s part of one of the local hospitals. Not sure if they have other locations, but the uber swim gym is in Springfield PA, so is the aquatherapy place.

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