If Salsa Had a Love Child With Satan It Would Like This.

Bet you’re wondering what. in. the. world. this article is about, aren’t you?  Admit it.  You’re  now envisioning salsa recipes and, well, Satan.  And a love child.  Well, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.  This article is about….

Top 10 Title Suggestions Using a Link Generator That May Not Be Good For Your Blog – Unless You Have a Wicked Funny Sense of Humor and Are Not Afraid of Offending People or Afraid of Satan – ’cause his name shows up often  (see why I didn’t use that wordy little blurb as the title?)

1.  7 Reasons Why Harmony Gets Better with Alcohol – okay, so this one holds a ring of truth to it.  Unless you’re a mean drunk.  Then not so much.

2.  7 Things About Chronic Flatulence That Science Couldn’t Explain – Umm, the words chronic and flatulence in the same title are a bad combination to begin with.  And also, this link generator appears to like the number 7.

3.  The 7 Most Mind Blowing Videos of All Time About the Kentucky Derby – Again, the number 7.  When I think Kentucky Derby, I don’t think “Mind Blowing”….do you?

4.  If Big Love Had a Love Child With Kim Jung II It Would Look Like This – No, sorry, that title isn’t a link.  I know you wanted to click it and see.

5.  8 Ways to Get Rich with Trophy Wives – Somehow, this seems backwards.  Don’t you already have to be rich to get a trophy wife?  Unless they mean a wife who wins a trophy.  In which case, I have no clue how that would make you money, unless you’re thinking endorsements and all.

6.  6 Shockingly Evil Things About Daylight Savings – I love the term “shockingly evil”.  You may find that in future post titles like “7 Shockingly Evil Things About Sunglasses”.

7.  7 Health Problems Associated with Presidential Primaries – Wait, wait, I know this one!  Boredom, loss of hearing, nausea, increased blood pressure, psychosis, strong desire to move to Canada – or move them to Canada, and paranoia!  Wahoo!  Got ’em on the first try.

8.  My Scariest Google+ In A Long Time – Since Google+ is inherently scary, this title really isn’t all that shocking.

9.  The Untold Story of Male Air Stewards That Barack Obama’s Lawyers Tried to Stop – Now I know where The National Enquirer gets their titles!  Suhweet!  I have to admit, this title does make me want to get all creative, but I’m refraining so I don’t get investigated by the Secret Service.

10.  The Evil Genius Behind Prosthetics – That’s right.  When I think artificial limbs, I think EVIL GENIUS!  

Ah, link generators.  They’re good for a laugh.  And a snarky title.  And a whole lot of conspiracy theories.  Hey….I wonder if they started the whole JFK theory….

(By the way, I used LinkbaitGenerator for these fun finds.)

2 thoughts on “If Salsa Had a Love Child With Satan It Would Like This.

  1. and here, I was all waiting for 2 cups Habeñeros and Garlic , 1 cup diced tomato, 1 finely chopped onion, and a pinch of kosher salt. with a splash of tequila. Why? Eeeeeevilllllll

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