Quirky Sense of Humor? It’s Genetic.

In the last few weeks we have had some very funny and unusual conversations with our children.  While we are all completely aware that our sense of humor is, well, quirky, it can throw others off quite a bit.  Take for instance, the conversation about the boys’ changing their names.

Ultra G. announced at dinner a few weeks ago that he wasn’t happy with our choice of names for him.  He wanted to change it to a name that was more “him”.  So, after much conversation about why we chose the name, how it’s so great, etc. etc., his brother got into the act and wanted a name change, as well.  I decided that I was quite tired of the conversation and would grant them their requests with one condition.

“Sure, you can change your names.  However, the only name you can change it to, G,  is one of my choosing and I choose Shazam.  So, you can either be G or Shazam.  Entirely your choice.”

“Super A, you can change yours, as well.  You can change it to Leroy.  Leroy and Shazam.  Entirely up to you.  You just let me know.”

Super Dad was, of course, quite supportive in the name choices.

After a moment of silence and quiet inner contemplation, Ultra G and Super A decided that they were good.  G and A would remain the names of choice.  Good decisions boys, good decision.

I have also been trying to explain to the kids that when the ice cream truck plays music that it means he has none left.  You never hear a stopped ice cream truck playing music, do you?!  Yesterday we passed an ice cream truck that was indeed stopped and was, of course, not playing music.  I pointed it out to the kids and again, explained how music playing is like the consolation prize, because the truck is obviously out of ice cream.  They tried to argue against my “facts”, but alas, no could do.

Now, some may read the stories above and question my parenting skills.  Explaining the facts of the ice cream truck to my children, calling them Shazam and Leroy, and all the while maintaining a straight face and rather serious demeanor is a talent I tell you.  And an example of the crazy, quirkiness of our humor.  Some of you will get it and some may not.  And that’s okay.  Because the next time you hear the ice cream truck, your first thought will not be “Hey, ice cream!” it will be “Hey, music is the consolation prize!”

Quirky humor.  It’s a talent.

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