Totally Grossed Out.

We live on the corner and our side yard provides only about a 10-foot buffer from the sidewalk.  The people who lived here before were not very good with home repairs (read: they made it up as they went along), BUT they were amazingly good at landscaping.  We have beautiful trees and shrubs and flowers that, of their own free will, return year after year to make it look like we actually had something to do with it.  I love them.

The last few weeks Chloe has been going nuts when we let her outside at night.  She’s been burrowing under the Wisteria, crawling under the lilac bush, and will just stand in the kitchen and bark.  Fly chasing, ghost chasing, simply off her rocker, we thought.  Until yesterday.

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A glimpse of home – notice the newly painted wall behind the radiator! Thank you, Nolan Painting!

We’ve been busy tackling home projects this month and it got me to thinking about our home, our neighborhood, and what the trade-off is for living here.  If you had asked me eight years ago if I ever thought we’d be living in the town where we’re living, I would have said a big HECK NO!  In fact, eight years ago we were still living in Phoenix, Arizona and, I have to admit, I miss my sweet, little house.  But, we decided to pack up our house, our kids (33 months and 9 months old at the time), our enormous dog, and two adorable kitties at the end of the summer and drive back home to the East Coast.  We wanted to be around family, so that our kids could grow up knowing their aunts and uncles and cousins and all of the extended family that they never knew we had.

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Exhausted And Updating.

I have been going non-stop since Wednesday morning.  A 4.5 hour drive and whirlwind, back-to-back meeting filled trip to the headquarters of The-Most-Awesome-Job-EVER started Wednesday and concluded with a 4.5 hour drive home during rush hour through NYC traffic on Friday (WHAT was I thinking?!).  Saturday was swimming, ballet, birthday party, errands, kid shoe shopping, and sleepover. (My brother gets good uncle points for keeping the kids on a night when we change the clocks ahead.  Go bro!)

Sunday was sleeping in a bit, breakfast out, picking up the kids, running some errands, and then driving an hour to have lunch/dinner with my mother-in-law which resulted in not getting home until after 7pm tonight.  Kids bathed, put to bed, some work done, DietBet invites sent out (there’s still time to join us!), and now, finally, catching up here.  I’m exhausted.


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