Exhausted And Updating.

I have been going non-stop since Wednesday morning.  A 4.5 hour drive and whirlwind, back-to-back meeting filled trip to the headquarters of The-Most-Awesome-Job-EVER started Wednesday and concluded with a 4.5 hour drive home during rush hour through NYC traffic on Friday (WHAT was I thinking?!).  Saturday was swimming, ballet, birthday party, errands, kid shoe shopping, and sleepover. (My brother gets good uncle points for keeping the kids on a night when we change the clocks ahead.  Go bro!)

Sunday was sleeping in a bit, breakfast out, picking up the kids, running some errands, and then driving an hour to have lunch/dinner with my mother-in-law which resulted in not getting home until after 7pm tonight.  Kids bathed, put to bed, some work done, DietBet invites sent out (there’s still time to join us!), and now, finally, catching up here.  I’m exhausted.


It’s been good.  Great even.  My trip was wildly successful and motivating.  I got to meet Wendy for the first time and had wonderful mac and cheese while laughing about life and constant phone calls.  My drives were a bit crazy, but okay.  I slept well while I was gone – unusual for a hotel stay.  I found out I’m going to a great conference in Chicago in May.  I came home to welcome home signs, a new pillow (bliss!), and family that missed me.  And this weekend has been positive, good, and happy.

There are no deep thoughts to relay tonight.  There are no life altering realizations.  It’s just me, a cup of hot tea, and a good book ready to wrap up the night.  And sometimes, that’s the perfect end to a busy, happy, hectic, worthwhile, soak-it-all-in, entirely present, exhausting week.  Hope you’re all well.

2 thoughts on “Exhausted And Updating.

  1. Sounds exciting! I know I would miss my kids, but the though of an overnight business trip sounds so appealing right now. Are you still going to start the DietBet?

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