And So It Starts.

Copious amounts of bread consumption? Probably NOT the best way to win DietBet.

The DietBet starts today.

I’ve weighed in, snapped my scale photo, and am ready to shed those pounds.  I am.  Really.  

Nevermind the fact that my knees are killing me and crackle when I walk….and when I sit down….and when I move.  I must get them checked out.  Someday.

But, yes, DietBet starts today and those 8lbs?  They’re out of here! (Well, they will be…)

If you want to sign-up to join us, you have until 10pm tonight!  Email me at


As an aside, I received a sweet blog award from The Year of What If, that I will absolutely write about and get to tomorrow!  Thank you, thank you! 


3 thoughts on “And So It Starts.

  1. I’m so excited you started your DietBet. I already lost 10 pounds during my first game, and could lose about another 9 by the end of my 2nd DietBet game. Make sure everyone actively participates in the forum, because the support you give each other helps tremendously.
    It really makes a difference! Good Luck. I’ll be checking back to see how you’re doing! : )

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