Exhausted And Updating.

I have been going non-stop since Wednesday morning.  A 4.5 hour drive and whirlwind, back-to-back meeting filled trip to the headquarters of The-Most-Awesome-Job-EVER started Wednesday and concluded with a 4.5 hour drive home during rush hour through NYC traffic on Friday (WHAT was I thinking?!).  Saturday was swimming, ballet, birthday party, errands, kid shoe shopping, and sleepover. (My brother gets good uncle points for keeping the kids on a night when we change the clocks ahead.  Go bro!)

Sunday was sleeping in a bit, breakfast out, picking up the kids, running some errands, and then driving an hour to have lunch/dinner with my mother-in-law which resulted in not getting home until after 7pm tonight.  Kids bathed, put to bed, some work done, DietBet invites sent out (there’s still time to join us!), and now, finally, catching up here.  I’m exhausted.


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Mommy Bloggers Mean Business.

I got pitched yesterday after someone heard my interview on Blog Talk Radio.  She was asking for sponsorship to a huge blogging conference, and while I couldn’t grant that, I did start to develop a dialogue with her that will result in trading guest posts and, I’m sure, pleasant emails and shout-outs in the future.  While I read her email it struck me again how blogging is serious business.

Not this blog, obviously, but for a lot of “mommy bloggers” blogging is a strategic, well-planned, well-researched endeavor.  They’re business women, make no mistake.  Sure, they may spend the majority of the day in pajama pants jeans and a sweatshirt fashionable shirt, but if you’re looking for pushovers, these women are. not. it.

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My Extra Day.

Giraffe Footprint Craft

It’s closing in on the end of Leap Day, our gift of 24-hours from Mother Nature.  I must admit that I had visions of waking up late and eating chocolate and cookies for breakfast, but, alas, no such luck.  It was a dreary day here in the Northeast; rainy, cold, foggy, and generally miserable.  And despite my mad desire to just curl up in bed with a book and snooze all day, I managed to be rather productive.

I say that as if I don’t have another four hours of work ahead of me tonight.

One of the highlights was being featured as a guest on my friend Barbara’s Blog Talk Radio show this afternoon.  Barbara is like sunshine on a dreary day and, although I was dreadfully nervous beforehand, I had a wonderful time chatting with her.  She has an amazingly uplifting blog called The Corner on Character that is definitely worth checking out.  You can listen to the interview here.

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