Mommy Bloggers Mean Business.

I got pitched yesterday after someone heard my interview on Blog Talk Radio.  She was asking for sponsorship to a huge blogging conference, and while I couldn’t grant that, I did start to develop a dialogue with her that will result in trading guest posts and, I’m sure, pleasant emails and shout-outs in the future.  While I read her email it struck me again how blogging is serious business.

Not this blog, obviously, but for a lot of “mommy bloggers” blogging is a strategic, well-planned, well-researched endeavor.  They’re business women, make no mistake.  Sure, they may spend the majority of the day in pajama pants jeans and a sweatshirt fashionable shirt, but if you’re looking for pushovers, these women are. not. it.

They research SEO keywords, they scope out opportunities for networking, they tweet, they Facebook, they blog, and they do it under the radar.  “Mommy bloggers” is a deceptive term, because they’re so much more than writers of diaper changes and family meals.  They’re marketers, strategizers, and amazing, make no mistake about it.  And I admire them.

And hanging around them in this virtual world makes me want to turn this blog into something that I’m not really sure I want it to be.  Ironically, this post came to my inbox last night and could have taken the words right out of my mouth.  Seriously, it was freaky similar to a conversation that Super Dad and I keep having.  Strategizing, researching, calculating (in a nice-sweet-warm-way), and optimizing posts is what I do in my Most-Awesome-Job-Ever.  Here?  Here, I just want to write without worrying about all of that.

But you know what?  It’s really hard to resist, because I know how to do it and I enjoy doing it AND I’m good at it.  Maybe what I need to work on here is just being good at being a mom and being me.  Why does that sound so much harder?


3 thoughts on “Mommy Bloggers Mean Business.

    • It was eerie! I even hesitated writing about it, because it was just. so. similar. I have to hold myself back from jumping on different opportunities, because in my heart of hearts, it just doesn’t feel right to force this into something it’s not. At least not what it is now. Ha! (Notice the always-keeping-the-door-open-for-big-sponsorships-by-Disney clause.) Great minds indeed!

      • Ummm…yes. Big difference between doing this full time with DISNEY SPONSORSHIPS and doing it when you can fit it in. Always keeping those doors open!!!

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