My Extra Day.

Giraffe Footprint Craft

It’s closing in on the end of Leap Day, our gift of 24-hours from Mother Nature.  I must admit that I had visions of waking up late and eating chocolate and cookies for breakfast, but, alas, no such luck.  It was a dreary day here in the Northeast; rainy, cold, foggy, and generally miserable.  And despite my mad desire to just curl up in bed with a book and snooze all day, I managed to be rather productive.

I say that as if I don’t have another four hours of work ahead of me tonight.

One of the highlights was being featured as a guest on my friend Barbara’s Blog Talk Radio show this afternoon.  Barbara is like sunshine on a dreary day and, although I was dreadfully nervous beforehand, I had a wonderful time chatting with her.  She has an amazingly uplifting blog called The Corner on Character that is definitely worth checking out.  You can listen to the interview here.

Tonight, from 9-10pm EST, I’ll be moderating #TeachChat over on Twitter for the Most-Wonderful-Job-Ever.  I love the opportunity to chat with so many fun, interesting, and intelligent teachers during the quickest hour of the entire week.  Seriously.  It flies by.  If you’re around, come stalk it join in.  It really is fun and tonight we’ll be talking about using food manipulatives in math.  Yep, that topic was all my idea.  Shocking, huh?

I was also able to schedule a joint meeting with all of the Special Education people who work with Super A and his reading program for next week.  That was a sure success and his most-helpful-and-awesome-reading-specialist-EVER has some great suggestions on helping him move forward.  I love that woman.

A pot of delicious homemade chicken and rice soup for dinner, a Fish Footprint Craft to go along with yesterday’s Giraffe Footprint Craft created with Sweet Pea,  and a successful (and looooooong) science experiment with Ultra G. rounded out the day.  But best of all, I was more aware of the gift of the extra time with them on this special Leap Day.  I hugged them a little longer, sang off key with Sweet Pea while making Tummy Yummy Yogurt, and tried to let the worries slip off for the day.  “Worrying changes nothing.  So stop.” has been my mantra the last few days.  And today, finally, I embraced it.

How was your day?

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