My Extra Day.

Giraffe Footprint Craft

It’s closing in on the end of Leap Day, our gift of 24-hours from Mother Nature.  I must admit that I had visions of waking up late and eating chocolate and cookies for breakfast, but, alas, no such luck.  It was a dreary day here in the Northeast; rainy, cold, foggy, and generally miserable.  And despite my mad desire to just curl up in bed with a book and snooze all day, I managed to be rather productive.

I say that as if I don’t have another four hours of work ahead of me tonight.

One of the highlights was being featured as a guest on my friend Barbara’s Blog Talk Radio show this afternoon.  Barbara is like sunshine on a dreary day and, although I was dreadfully nervous beforehand, I had a wonderful time chatting with her.  She has an amazingly uplifting blog called The Corner on Character that is definitely worth checking out.  You can listen to the interview here.

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What Are You Going To Do With It?

Super Dad and Sweet Pea (Photo by the amazingly talented Nathan Lawrenson)

Will you climb a mountain, paint a picture, dance like a fool, laugh until your sides hurt, eat chocolate for breakfast, be brave, adopt a pup, cook a favorite dish, read a book, clean the house, hum a tune, teach a child, do laundry, run a mile, run a dozen miles, take a photo, call your mom, send some flowers, rock a baby, kiss your honey, write a story, buy a new pair of jeans, shuffle around in your favorite slippers, watch tv all day, clean the car, run some errands, play some music, dream a dream, go on an adventure or…….what?

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