Why I No Longer Support ACCT Philly.

When our dog attacked our daughter two weeks ago, I thought it was inevitable that he would be euthanized at the end of his 10-day waiting period.  After all, he attacked a child and bit her multiple times – all unprovoked.  Surely, if any dog needed to be put down it would be one that’s aggressive toward humans – especially when unprovoked.

Apparently, that is not the case.

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This time last night I was starting to make dinner.  It was a typical holiday Monday.  Relaxing, a little bit of working, hanging out outside….it was great.  After recovering from the stomach flu pretty much completely on Sunday, Monday was…great.  And then at about 6pm last night, the greatness turned into the suckiest day ever.

There were some kids walking by our kitchen window (our house sits on the corner and the sidewalk runs along our kitchen window) and Will, our dog, barked.  One bark.  Sweet Pea said, as she’d been taught, “Will, no!”  At which point, Will lunged across the kitchen, knocked her down, and attacked.

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Don’t Worry, Your Kid Is Not Possessed By A Demon.

Photo by ark.

I’ve been really quiet lately (as you may have noticed).  Not because I don’t have anything to write (because I do), but honestly, by the time I’m done working (on my computer nonetheless) the last thing I feel like doing is writing anything more.  And so, I get quiet.

I’ve had so many topics run through my head these last few days….the DietBet (lost a pound-yay!), Angel being adopted, how quickly my kids are growing, date night with Super Dad…..so many things.  It’s hard to pick just one.  But tonight I want to share a story.  And it’s name is…

Don’t Worry, Your Kid Is Not Possessed By A Demon 

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Exhausted And Updating.

I have been going non-stop since Wednesday morning.  A 4.5 hour drive and whirlwind, back-to-back meeting filled trip to the headquarters of The-Most-Awesome-Job-EVER started Wednesday and concluded with a 4.5 hour drive home during rush hour through NYC traffic on Friday (WHAT was I thinking?!).  Saturday was swimming, ballet, birthday party, errands, kid shoe shopping, and sleepover. (My brother gets good uncle points for keeping the kids on a night when we change the clocks ahead.  Go bro!)

Sunday was sleeping in a bit, breakfast out, picking up the kids, running some errands, and then driving an hour to have lunch/dinner with my mother-in-law which resulted in not getting home until after 7pm tonight.  Kids bathed, put to bed, some work done, DietBet invites sent out (there’s still time to join us!), and now, finally, catching up here.  I’m exhausted.


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Character Envy and Family Ties.

Ah, the start of a fresh new week.  And a busy one it will be.  IEP meetings, travel and more meetings, swim lessons, ballet lessons, reading tutoring, and, don’t forget, school and work.  Busy is better, or so they say.  Although….

I did take the rare day off from work on Saturday.  Okay, I did check email and monitored the social media sites, but for the most part, Saturday was a day off.  And it was blissful.  I was busy and running errands most of the day, but, alas, it was relaxing in the way that only not working can be.

I also downloaded Lean on Me by Claudia Hall Christian.  It’s the fourth book in the Alex the Fey series and I just couldn’t focus on anything other than getting back to the book.  That’s when I know I’m hooked.  Well, I knew I was hooked with the first book and they just keep getting better.  I have decided that I want to be Alex the Fey (don’t worry, Alex is short for Alexandra).  She’s this special ops commando woman and aside from the short spiked hair and nary an ounce of body fat on her….she and I could be like twins…from different families and body make-ups and…stuff….

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