Quirky Sense of Humor? It’s Genetic.

In the last few weeks we have had some very funny and unusual conversations with our children.  While we are all completely aware that our sense of humor is, well, quirky, it can throw others off quite a bit.  Take for instance, the conversation about the boys’ changing their names.

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It’s Official And Other Stuff.

Angel, T-Bone, and Kita: They were very excited I was pet-sitting.

It’s official.  The doctor confirmed that the meniscus is torn in my right knee.  He suspects the left knee too, but we’re doing one at a time.  Thanks, HMO.  Surgery is set for August 24th, so that should be a blast.  Honestly, I’m looking forward to it.  I’m relieved that it will finally be fixed.  So that I can then fix the other one.

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Totally Grossed Out.

We live on the corner and our side yard provides only about a 10-foot buffer from the sidewalk.  The people who lived here before were not very good with home repairs (read: they made it up as they went along), BUT they were amazingly good at landscaping.  We have beautiful trees and shrubs and flowers that, of their own free will, return year after year to make it look like we actually had something to do with it.  I love them.

The last few weeks Chloe has been going nuts when we let her outside at night.  She’s been burrowing under the Wisteria, crawling under the lilac bush, and will just stand in the kitchen and bark.  Fly chasing, ghost chasing, simply off her rocker, we thought.  Until yesterday.

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In Your Face, Dyslexia!

Despite being severely dyslexic, my oldest son had to take the state’s mandated PSSA testing in March and April.  His accommodations per his IEP allow him to have parts of the test read to him, but the state, in all of it’s infinite, ahem, wisdom, decides every year which specific parts are okay to be read aloud.  For example, he can have the question type description read to him, but not the actual question in some sections.  So, he knows that he must “Choose the answer that is the most appropriate”, but he can’t have the question read.  For math.  Because in math he should be penalized because he can’t read on grade level.  That makes…sense.  Or not.

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